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Tri-Community Ambulance Service, Inc. 

Board of Directors 


Amanda Ohlson - NYS EMT-CC

The President is in charge of day-to-day executive and business operations of Tri-Community. The President presides over all meetings of the company and oversees our annual budget and cash flows of the organization. The President is in charge of evaluating and signing all agreements and contracts for the company.

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Vice President 

Lillie Hermanson - NYS AEMT  

The Vice President is in charge if the President is unavailable. The Vice President serves with the President and handles any projects or issues assigned by the President.

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Shannon Martineau - NYS EMT 

The Secretary is in charge of recording and maintaining all company meeting minutes. The Secretary is in charge of all correspondence into and out of the organization. The Secretary is in charge of maintaining all personnel files for our members.

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Ross Zastrow - NYS Paramedic  

The Treasurer is in charge of all income and authorized debts of the company. The Treasurer will prepare our annual budget for review and eventual motion into use by the company.

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Financial Secretary

Tyler Sparks - NYS AEMT  

The Financial Treasurer is in charge of collecting, organizing and submitting all patient medical records to our billing company, MedEx Billing, for payment for services rendered. The Financial Secretary Assistant Treasurer will be available to assist the Treasurer as needed.

Email the Financial Secretary 

Chief of Operations

Sherri Reischel - NYS Paramedic 

The Chief of Operations is in charge of day-to-day operations at Tri-Community. From responses, stand-by's and large-scale events (calls, pre-planned coverage) to daily 800 check compliance, maintaining the company SOG's and QA/QI program, the Chief oversees or delegates tasks accordingly. (Radio Code: Tri-Community M7)

Email the Chief

1st Assistant Chief

Daniel Gross - NYS AEMT 

The 1st Assistant Chief of Operations is our scheduling coordinator. The 1st Assistant Chief will oversee and manage our online scheduling program for daily crew coverage and will ensure coverage is available for special events we are requested for. The 1st Assistant Chief will assume the responsibility of the Chief when the Chief is unavailable. (Radio Code: Tri-Community M7A)

Email the 1st Asst Chief

2nd Assistant Chief

Raymond Hubert - NYS Paramedic 

The 2nd Assistant Chief of Operations is our training officer. The 2nd Assistant Chief will oversee and manage our training records, plan and execute training drills and work with our company CIC to ensure our responders are properly trained. (Radio Code: Tri-Community M7B)

Email the 2nd Asst Chief

Trustee of EMS Supplies 

Tammy Snelgrove - NYS EMT

The Trustee of EMS Supplies is in charge of our EMS equipment both on the vehicles and within our EMS supply room. The Trustee of EMS Supplies will develop a replacement plan for equipment that has expiration dates and ensure proper product rotation, use and replenishment.

Email the EMS Supplies Trustee

Trustee of Vehicles 

Joshua Wiatr  

The Trustee of Vehicle Maintenance is in charge of all maintenance (scheduled, preventative, and unscheduled) needs for our fleet of 4 response vehicles. The Trustee will work with the Chief's to determine vehicle rotations for calls when a truck is taken out of service for maintenance or repair.

Email the Vehicles Trustee

Trustee of Grounds and Company Property

John Voutour 

The Trustee of Property and Grounds is in charge of all company equipment (pagers, uniform equipment) and grounds. The Trustee of Property and Grounds will complete any needed maintenance or repairs of our facilities and will oversee or complete weekly lawn maintenance and snow removal, as needed.

Email the Property and Grounds Trustee